The following from Dr. Natasha Artemeva:

It’s is my pleasure to announce fresh from the AGM of the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing (CASDW):

The John Pavelich Award for Best PhD Dissertation in Writing and Discourse Studies awarded to Matt Falconer (ALDS PhD 2019) for his dissertation “Providing Science Advice: An Ethnography of the Council of Canadian Academies’ Boundary Work of Recontextualizing Expert-Produced Scientific Knowledge for Canadian Government Policy-Makers”

“The Committee recognizes your study as important work on how scientific discourse is recontextualized and reconceptualized in scientifically-oriented genres for non-specialists, a current and topical area of research in writing and genre studies. Writing specialists should find it of particular interest for its implications on how to approach the policy/science interface and in turn rewrite science research for a non-specialist audience. We believe it is an important contribution to how we theorize transactional discourse across genre boundaries and to rhetorical studies of collaborative communication in the broader context of discourse and society.”
– comments from Selection Committee

The John Pavelich Award for Best PhD Dissertation in Writing and Discourse StudiesBest PhD Dissertation Award Honourable Mention awarded to Chloe Grace Fogarty-Bourget (ALDS PhD 2019) for her dissertation “Facilitating Student Engagement in Undergraduate Mathematics Lectures: A Multimodal Investigation”

The CASDW Best Article or Chapter in Writing and Discourse Studies shared by

Chloe Grace Fogarty-Borget, Natasha Artemeva, and Janna Fox for their chapter

Gestural Silence:An engagement device in the multimodal genre of the chalk talk lecture. In C. Sancho-Guinda (Ed.). Engagement in professional genres: Disclosure and deference. (pp. 277-296). Amsterdam: John Benjamins


Christen Rachul (ALDS PhD 2016) for her article

Digesting Data: Tracing the Chromosomal Imprint of Scientific Evidence Through the Development and Use of Canadian Dietary Guidelines. Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 33(1), 26-59.

An honourable mention was awarded to Laura Dunbar (former ALDS PhD student) for her article

Cross-border teaching experiences in Canada and the U.S.: A writing teacher reflects. Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing/RĂ©dactologie, 29, 173-183.

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