It is time to celebrate the retirement and career of one of the great overachievers of SLALS. Janna Fox has been a remarkable researcher, a gifted teacher, and an inspiring colleague for decades, and the School will not be the same without her. Over the course of her career at Carleton University, Janna has consistently been one of the most prolific researchers, a recognized leader in several areas of study. She is a leading figure in the field of language assessment and testing in particular, and has a huge range of scholarly endeavour to her credit, much of it standing as seminal work. As a teacher, she has consistently been a mentor to others, a champion of innovation in instruction, and a warm and nurturing guide to the legions of graduate students whose work she has supervised. Janna’s wisdom and diligence have played a key role in the development of SLALS and the ALDS programs in particular as world class. She will truly be missed by all who have been fortunate enough to work with her, and we all wish her the greatest joy in her retirement.

Janna surrounded by her students

Janna teaching a class.  She is seated at the front of the class with notes about how to write a progress report on the board