Psychology Undergraduate Research Event (PURE) 2016

On April 8, 2016 the Department of Psychology held the 5th annual Psychology Undergraduate Research Event (PURE 2016). The event provided an opportunity for over 140 fourth-year honours students to share their capstone research via poster presentations. This has become Carleton’s largest undergraduate research conference. To help with this celebration of student achievement, we welcomed fellow students and their families, members of the Department, and the University community.

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Photo Gallery – Thesis Session

Honours Thesis students displayed their posters during the last session. These students completed a research study, which typically involves a literature review, data collection and analysis, and the preparation of a substantial paper. Participation by thesis students is optional, but strongly encouraged.

Thesis presenters had an opportunity to earn one of several awards and the student with the best poster earned a brand new Samsung Tablet. There were also prizes associated with 2nd (Pebble Smartwatch) and 3rd place (Chapters Gift card), along with a People’s Choice Award (Chapters Gift card) that was decided by those in attendance. As usual, the quality of student work was exceptional and the task of determining the prize winners was exceptionally difficult. Congratulations to the following Honours Thesis students:

1st place: Kali May (Supervisor: Johanna Peetz)

2nd place: Stephanie De Sante (Supervisor: Alfonso Abizaid)

3rd place: Ken Kelly-Turner (Supervisor: Adelle Forth)

People’ Choice Award: Cassandra Lutz ( Supervisor: Marina Milyavskaya )

Top Honours Project (during thesis session): Jessica Ramsay

Cassandra Lutz              Ken Kelly-Turner Kali May, Johanna Peetz, Kathryn Dupre              Stephanie De Sante PURE 690             PURE 687            PURE 682            PURE 664             PURE 685            Jessica Ramsay, Honours Project, Section C PURE 675

Photo Gallery – Honours Project Session Winners

Honours Project students presented during the first session of the day. These students enroll in a seminar and participate in a variety of learning activities (e.g., essays, briefing notes, presentations) designed to enhance writing and other vital skills. Project students present at PURE in partial fulfillment of a course requirement.

The students with the best Project poster earned a Samsung Tablet (first place prize), a Pebble Smartwatch (second place prize) and a Chapters gift card (third place prize).  There was also a People’s Choice Award, who received a Chapters gift card as well. Congratulations to the following Honours Project students:

1st place: Kirsten Posluns

2nd place: Candice Harris

3rd place: Laura Delceiller

People’s Choice Award: Mariam Omar Camara

Janet Mantler and Winner         Amanda Bullock and Winner                                                             Carla Sowinski and Winner         Joanna and Winner

Photo Gallery – Honours Project Session

Maleha Muhammad  Wendy Prado Aidan Rod  Wynter Trueman Jasmine Tsang  Karia Martinez-Silva Jonthan Marshall  Sean Landriault Gavni Kharmandarian  Ivi Illriani Sophie Heron  Josee Beaudry Samuel Allison, Honours Project  Kareem Amin Laura Barton  Kelsey Belland Adriana Camacho  Nichole Dragomatz Arielle Edgecombe Fontaine  Rachel McAusland Gael Masonga  Michel Veilleux Mahdie Yari, PSYC 4910 E  Kirsten Posluns Jessica Ramsay, Honours Project, Section C  Megan Seccaspina   William Thomas Melodi Uygur  Ella West Ayan Ali, Honours Project, Section E  Stephanie Pink Michelle Flowers  Jessica Doerrl Kevin Pereira  Obiageli Mnagbo Laura Delcellier  Alicia Cervoni Jolene Lau  Sameer Joshi Mariam Omar Camara  Corrina Cai Brandyn Goulah  Amanda Fricker Amanda Burri  Karim Tahan Jordan Tapper  Kayla Vachon Stacey Victor  OmarAyyash Adam Bhaiwala  Jesus Bonilla Enrique Serje  Margaret Rangeley Ruth-Joy Manu  Melissa Kingsbury Justine King  Georgia Kattar Divin King, PSYC 4909 B  Ikenchukwu Alex-Onyeagwu Brandon Ciesielski 2  Maegan Daly Sumeet Dubb  Hannah Finn Kayla Garcia  Katherine Ireton Juditte Abou-Arraj  Stephanie Webber Shannon Way  Keerthy Treeza, 4910 A Thinnesh Thevarajah  Alexandra Tapscott Caroline St. Laurent  Maria Krol Siobhan LeCours  Marloes Nienhuist Oyelekan Oyelola  Ada c. Ozonwanji Christine Panyszak  Stephanie Ralko Susannah Johnny  Megan Duarte Cristina Cefaloni 2  Stephanie Ireland, PSYC 4910 A Ainsley Howard  Samuel Cannon 2 Emily Camelin 2  Trang Ho 2 Alyssa Giglietta  Nicole Brake3 Catherine Bogaerts  Shannon Forestell Brittany Duffney  Jessica Andress