Psychology Undergraduate Research Event

PURE 2013

On April 12, 2013 the Department of Psychology held the 2nd annual Psychology Undergraduate research Event (PURE 2013). The event provided an opportunity for over 150 fourth-year honours students to share their capstone research via poster presentations. To help with this celebration of student achievement, we welcomed fellow students, members of the Department, and the University community.

Honours Thesis students displayed their posters during the morning session. These students complete a research study, which typically involves a literature review, data collection and analysis, and the preparation of a substantial paper. Participation by thesis students is optional, but strongly encouraged.

Thesis presenters had an opportunity to earn one of several awards. Criteria for evaluation varied across the different awards, but included factors such as quality of content, clarity of information, visual appeal of materials, and effective use of graphics. The student with the best poster (as decided by the Undergraduate Committee) earned a brand new iPad mini. There were also prizes associated with 2nd and 3rd place, along with a People’s Choice Award that was decided by those in attendance. Here were the results:

1st place: Maya Atlas (advisor: Lise Paquet)
2nd place: Shamarukh Chowdhury (advisor: Deepthi Kamawar)
3rd place: Grant McGee (advisors: Jordan Schoenherr and Guy Lacroix)
People’s Choice Award: Anika Cloutier (advisor: Johanna Peetz)

Honours Essay (renamed Honours Project) students presented during our afternoon session. These students enroll in a seminar and participate in a variety of learning activities (e.g., essays, presentations) designed to enhance writing and other vital skills. Essay students present at PURE in partial fulfillment of a course requirement. The students with the best essay posters (as decided by the course instructors) earned a collection of gift cards. The winners were as follows:

Section A: Laurence Belzile and Laura Lievano Karim (section taught by Anne Bowker)
Section C: Edward Yakubovich and Adam Stone (section taught by Janet Mantler)
Section D: Breanne Grenier (section taught by Alia Offman)
Section E: Jessi Mark (section taught by Rachelle Thibodeau)

We’ll see you at PURE 2014!