Graduate Courses 2020-2021

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  • Important Dates and Deadlines (Fall/Winter; Summer)
  • Any course taken outside of the Department of Psychology and all transfer credit requests must be approved by the Graduate Chair. Information provided below is subject to change. Refer to the Public Class Schedule for day, time and location. All courses are listed in the Graduate Calendar. Please refer to it for prerequisite information.

Category: CC=Course Content course  PD=Professional Development course  ES=Elective Statistics course

Term:         F=Fall term  W=Winter term  S=Summer term  T=Full year course (Fall & Winter)

5000 Level Category  Term Instructor
PSYC 5011: Social Psychology I CC F J. Peetz
PSYC 5401: Multivariate Techniques ES F C. Jorgenson
PSYC 5407: Scale Development and Psychometrics ES F C. Leth-Steensen
PSYC 5410: Advanced Analysis of Variance F A. Howard
PSYC 5411: Advanced Regression W A. Howard
PSYC 5412: Topics in Advanced Statistics and Methods ES W C. Leth-Steensen
PSYC 5415: Multilevel Modelling ES F C. Jorgenson
PSYC 5500: Developmental Psychology Methodology CC W R. Coplan
PSYC 5700 F: Cognitive Modeling CC F R. West
PSYC 5700 W: Emotion and Cognition CC W R. West
PSYC 5800 F: Mindfulness and Well-Being CC F A. Offman
PSYC 5800 G: Sex Offenders CC F K. Nunes
PSYC 5800 I: Intergenerational Trauma CC F B. Bezo
PSYC 5800 U: Political Psychology and Intergroup Relations CC W M. Wohl
PSYC 5800 W: Psychology of Solitude CC W L. Ooi
PSYC 5800 X: Psychophysiological Methods CC W C. Danyluck
PSYC 5800 Y: Police Interviewing Techniques CC W K. Luther
PSYC 5800 Z: Program Evaluation CC W B. Campbell
PSYC 5801 B: Introduction to Missing Data Theory and Analysis ES W N. Tabri
PSYC 5801 W: Bayesian Statistics ES W K. Luther
PSYC 5802: Transition to Careers PD F J. Mantler
PSYC 5804 A: Introduction to Clinical Skills and the Helping Professions CC F K. Lassiter
PSYC 5804 B: Clinical Approaches to the Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders CC W K. Lassiter
PSYC 5900: Directed Studies CC F-W-S Application
PSYC 5901: Independent Research CC F-W-S Application
PSYC 5903: Practicum in Psychology PD F-W-S J. Pozzulo
PSYC 5906: Pro-Seminar in Psychology T J. Peetz
PSYC 5909: Masters Thesis F-W-S
6000 Level Category  Term Instructor
PSYC 6114: Teaching Practicum PD F-W-S M. Wohl
PSYC 6410: Capstone Research Project ES W A. Howard
PSYC 6900: Directed Studies CC F-W-S Application
PSYC 6901: Independent Research CC F-W-S Application
PSYC 6903: Practicum in Psychology PD F-W-S J. Pozzulo
PSYC 6906: Pro-Seminar in Psychology I T J. Peetz
PSYC 6907: Pro-Seminar in Psychology II T J. Peetz
PSYC 6909: Doctoral Thesis F-W-S

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