Bell Chair in Canadian Parliamentary Democracy

The Hon. Dick and Ruth Bell Chair for the Study of Canadian Parliamentary Democracy was created in 2009 thanks to a generous gift from Carleton alumna Dr. Ruth Bell, MA/65, LLD/84. Ruth Bell (1919-2015) was a distinguished citizen of Ottawa and lifelong women’s activist, political scientist and member of the Order of Canada. Dick Bell, LLD/84 (1913-1988) served as a Member of Parliament and was minister of citizenship and immigration in the Diefenbaker government.

The Chair was established to promote a better understanding of the dynamic and ever-evolving Canadian parliamentary system. The first holder of the chair was Professor Bill Cross (2009-2019). The current chair is Professor Jonathan Malloy.


Jonathan Malloy, Professor, Department of Political Science

Visiting Scholars

Jon Pammett, Distinguished Research Professor, Carleton University
Scott Pruysers, Visiting Scholar
Paul Thomas, Visiting Scholar

Graduate Students

Elsa Piersig, PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science

Fall 2020 Events

There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.