Photo of Rob Currie-Wood

Rob Currie-Wood

PhD candidate

My research interests are broadly related to the dynamics that unfold when actors engage in democratic processes. I am especially interested in these dynamics as they relate to internal party democracy and election campaigns. Parties must find a way to include grassroots members and engage them in labour-intensive tasks, while also maintaining a high degree of discipline and coherence when appealing to the broader electorate. My PhD dissertation, under the supervision of Dr. William Cross, seeks to uncover how and why parties navigate these dynamics in Canada.

I have successfully completed candidacy exams in the fields of Canadian and Comparative Politics. Prior to enrolling at Carleton University, I wrote an MA thesis, entitled “Playing in the Margins: Collaboration Between Local Party Organizations in the Canadian Party System,” at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Sayers. Elements of this research were transformed into a poster that won the Canadian Political Science Association Conference Poster Prize and the Canadian Study of Parliament Group Charles B. Koester Student Essay Competition. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Northern British Columbia, in my hometown of Prince George, B.C.