In this episode, Prof. Peter Andrée talks with Dr. Catriona Sandilands (York University) and Dr. Sherilyn McGregor (University of Manchester) about the ways in which ecofeminism, and queer ecology, serve to diversify and deepen how we look at the policies and day-to-day practices of environmental politics. Ecofeminism is a critical lens that focuses on the many ways that gender shapes how people see and treat nature as well as people’s interactions with their environments. Queer ecology disrupts prevailing heterosexist understandings of gender, sexuality and nature.

The Ecopolitics Podcast is a 16-episode audio series offering core content for university students studying environmental politics in Canada. The show is created and co-hosted by Dr. Ryan Katz-Rosene (University of Ottawa) and Dr. Peter Andrée (Carleton University), and funded by the Shared Online Projects Initiative. All episodes are freely available for use under a Creative Commons Licence 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND). Instructors and students of environmental politics everywhere are invited to use the podcasts in their own teaching and learning. Episodes cover a range of themes central to the study of environmental politics in a Canadian context, from environmental justice to federalism to climate action and more! Enjoy the show, and let us know what you think.