The role of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is to advise, support, and advocate for the Department in its teaching and research endeavours. The Board provides a strong linkage between the Department and the professional community, and offers assistance in order for the Department to achieve its strategic objectives.


Aaron Dinovitzer P.Eng. Vice President, Engineering & Technology BMT Fleet Technology Ltd
Kerry Doherty B.Eng Director Strategic Technolgy CMC Electronics
Iole Faragalli P.Eng Senior Associate, Buildings Engineering – Stantec
Kevin Goddard P.Eng. VP Technology at GasTOPS
Bruce Hiscoke P.Eng. Manager, Structures & Design, W.R. Davis Engineering, Ltd
John Jastremski P.Eng. President and CEO of MDS Aero Support Corporation
Ron Miller Ph.D., P.Eng. Chair of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department
Robert Mobilio P.Eng Senior Director, Engineering and Technical Services, Q Series Programs Bombardier Commercial Aircraft
Prakash Patnaik FASM, FCAE Principal Research Officer, Program Leader, Defence Technologies & Sustainment (DTS) Program NRC Aerospace Research Centre
Andrew Penner P.Eng. Senior Manager, Energy – Major Projects, OPDS, BGIS
Alex Tsoulis P.Eng. Director – Business Development, Advanced Technologies MHI Canada Aerospace, Inc
Charles Zaloum P.Eng. Engineering Supervisor, Conservation and Demand Management, Hydro Ottawa Ltd