Summer Courses 2020

Course descriptions and information on instructors will be added as they become available. In the meantime, please check out the brief descriptions in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Please contact the Undergraduate Administrator, Tanya Schwartz, if you require assistance.

Course Term Timetable Instructor
HIST 2401A: History of the United States to 1865 (field c) May-June Online H. Goldman
HIST 2910W: Special Topic in History – A History of Oil (field e) May-June Online I. Wereley
HIST 2910O: Special Topic in History – A History of Oil (field e) July-Aug Online I. Wereley
HIST 3116A: History of Disability (field e) July-Aug Online C. Chisholm
HIST 3305T: Crime and State in History (field e) May-June CUOL offered by Law & Legal Studies
HIST 3814O: Crafting Digital History (field e) May-June Online S. Graham