The B.Econ. Honours Concentration in Development is normally completed during the last three of four years of full-time study and provides a rigorous and intensive grounding in development economics and comparative politics in respect of development and underdevelopment. This concentration is recommended to individuals who have a strong interest in development and plan to pursue a career in the foreign service or in an international governmental or non-governmental organization.

Recommended Course Pattern

Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Fall Winter Fall Winter Fall Winter
PSCI 2102 ECON 3509 PSCI 4104
ECON 3508 ECON 4507 1.0 credit from: ECON 3510, ECON 3220, ECON 3230, ECON 3808, ECON 3870, INAF 4102 (no longer offered), PSCI 4105, PSCI 4409 or INAF 4202 (no longer offered)
ECON 4508
Concentration and (non-concentration) elective courses may be re-distributed to some extent across years. As a general rule, students should schedule concentration courses first and elective courses second for a given year.